“I am driven by my desire to help people make choices in their best interest.”

Driven by her need to constantly ask why, Renée is an expert market researcher and a University of Oregon instructor. Tenacious and engaging, her strong desire to help people make decisions that improve their lives motivates and inspires her work. Her background in both nonprofit and for-profit research makes her proficient in collecting and analyzing data for a variety of organization types. From online surveying to in-person intercept surveys and focus groups, Renée tries to understand how people think, feel and act. Inquisitive and intuitive, she is able to take complex information and make it easy to understand. Her skillset as a researcher is unparalleled. Renée teaches for the Planning, Public Policy and Management program at the University of Oregon.

Years of experience: 15

Education: Utah State University, Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Art, minor in Business; University of Utah, Master of Public Administration, concentration in Higher Education Administration

Interests: Running marathons and ultra-marathons, cycling, and traveling