“If it doesn’t make you laugh or cry, start over.”

A fountain of good ideas, Jeneca combines a lifelong love of art and a knack for writing to produce original creative that drives results. Jeneca was in sales for 10 years, then a newspaper editor for six years, before switching gears and applying her skills to marketing. She writes, edits and organizes copy for print and web and directs creative projects, working closely with our art department. She also coordinates hands-on creative projects for our team and serves as our reduce-reuse-recycle-rethink BRING green team leader. Her imagination and innate ability to distill many ideas into one clear message serves our clients well. She’s a deep thinker and an astute listener with an eye for innovative design.

Years of experience: 20+

Education: University of Nebraska at Omaha, Bachelor of Science in Journalism/News Editorial, minor in English

Interests: hiking, camping, movies, gardening, art appreciation, and watching SNL