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Tri Training: The big day and final thoughts

It’s been two weeks since the big day — my participation in the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon. I’ve sat down to write this final post several times and have been unable to put into words what I felt. Maybe writing this makes it too final. Maybe it’s too emotional. Maybe. But here goes.

The weekend started with a potluck and team meeting. The coaches specifically acknowledge each team member, recognizing his or her accomplishments. For me, Coach Mike recognized my new “I think I can” attitude. He’s right. It wasn’t until about two months ago that I really thought I would be able to accomplish the feat. This new level of confidence and courage will help me with anything I try to achieve going forward. Continue Reading…

Tri Training: Thankful — Turell Group blog

Tri Training: Thankful

I am now halfway through my triathlon training. The main event takes place in Sunriver on June 29, at the Pacific Crest Sports Festival. It’s easy to focus on the challenges I need to face before that date, but I’d like to focus instead on how far I’ve come and what I’m thankful for. Continue Reading…


Tri Training: The Schedule

When I started training four weeks ago (How is the time flying by so fast?), Coach Mike asked that we run/walk three times a week for 30 minutes. In week three, he asked that we add a bike ride and a swim, and increase our running time to 45 minutes. Last week, my schedule looked like this:
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