Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center

Marketing, Digital, Communications

We feel privileged to work with Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center to further its mission to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and research built around the patient. We serve as consultant, strategist, planner and creative services provider on a daily basis. For WVCI, we provide the full-spectrum of services: marketing, digital and communications.

Marketing – Big Decisions Campaign
We helped launch Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center’s first prostate cancer initiative, an integrated marketing campaign that funnels people to a targeted online landing page. It’s supported by print, radio, online and TV advertisements and a strong public relations component. Online interactions are tracked and matched to actual new patients to provide a full return-on-investment report every month. Since implementation, WVCI has captured significantly more market share for prostate cancer radiation treatment.

For this campaign, our work includes copywriting, photography, video, print and online ads, Google AdWords management, website, ad placement and public relations.

Marketing – Targeting Cancer Franchise
Another innovative way we’re reaching audiences is through a unique franchise that appears on KVAL (CBS). Written, produced and presented on-air by our public relations manager, Kelli Warner, these content-driven, regularly scheduled, paid news stories are incorporated into the morning and evening newscasts. Focused on newsworthy cancer topics, these stories provide a win/win/win for the networks, viewers and our client, which is now reaching a significant TV audience in an earned media environment. These franchises are currently unique to Turell Group, and are made possible through relationships that Kelli maintains as a former TV news anchor. 

Examples of Targeting Cancer Franchise:
Targeting Cancer: Light the Grill
Targeting Cancer: SBRT for Prostate Cancer
Targeting Cancer: Prostate Care Team
Targeting Cancer: Play for a Cure

To see more, visit Willamette Valley Cancer Institute’s YouTube Channel.

Digital & Communications
Our digital and communications efforts include regular updates to the WVCI website, a monthly email, the Believe Bulletin, and a blog that’s updated weekly with uplifting patient stories, the latest cancer news, what’s happening at the cancer center and videos of physicians, who empower patients with information. In addition, we create and manage digital search and display ads and social media pages, Facebook & YouTube. Our copywriting team has also written four successful 20 Under 40 Award nominations, for which WVCI doctors were recipients. And we work closely with local media outlets for earned media coverage on a regular basis.

Examples of our public relations work:
KMTR & KVAL: Stand Up to Cancer- SBRT for Prostate Cancer
The Register-Guard: Burpees Beat Cancer
KVAL: WVCI’s Cancer Survivor Celebration 
KMTR/KVAL: Teen’s Donation to Benefit Local Cancer Patients
KVAL: WVCI and American Cancer Society Partner for Patients  
KMTR: Immunotherapy Showing Promise for Melanoma Patients

Services provided: advertising, analytics, blogs, consulting, direct mail, email, events, media relations, mobile, pay-per-click, planning/strategy, publicity, research, search engine optimization, social media, photography, websites, writing/editing.