Travel Lane County
ANNE the Van Wrap

Graphic Design

This 3-D puzzle had us putting on our thinking caps. The goal was to create a visual representation of the Eugene, Cascades & Coast region in a way that would make people want to follow the van back to Lane County. The challenge became: choosing which photos would go where, making them play together nicely, and placing them so that they fit the nooks, crannies and curves of the van. We partnered with Harris Design, which provided a template, offered us their expertise and installed the wrap. Not only do people follow the van, they encircle it wherever it’s parked, and take pictures of themselves standing in front of it. In addition to getting them where they need to go, it serves as a mobile billboard for this beautiful place we call home.

Also, be sure to check out the work we did for Travel Lane County’s MIKE the Bike —he and ANNE go hand in hand, with ANNE taking MIKE wherever and whenever he feels like going for a ride.

Services provided: graphic design.