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Through our work with Eugene Pediatric Associates and its sister business, Thrive Behavioral Health, we’ve been given the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of children and families in our community in a unique way.

As Eugene Pediatrics’ full-service marketing agency, our job has been to identify the values and services that make them unique, such as their community commitment, approachability and responsiveness, and their commitment to going above and beyond, like offering co-located behavioral health services, providing free home visits to newborns and their parents, and seeing patients at the hospital rather than turning them over to hospitalists.

Marketing – Healthy Kids Franchise
One of the innovative ways we’re reaching audiences is through a unique franchise that appears on KMTR (NBC). Written, produced and presented on-air by our public relations manager, Kelli Warner, these content-driven, regularly scheduled, paid news stories are incorporated into the morning and evening newscasts. These stories focus on kids’ health and well-being and provide a win/win/win for the networks, viewers and our client, which is now reaching a significant TV audience in an earned media environment. These franchises are currently unique to Turell Group, and are made possible through relationships that Kelli maintains as a former TV news anchor. 

Examples of Healthy Kids Franchise:
Healthy Kids: Free house calls for newborns 
Healthy Kids: Preventing household poisonings
Healthy Kids: Tips for helping your baby sleep longer 
Healthy Kids: Setting limits on screen time 

To see more, visit Eugene Pediatric Associates’ YouTube Channel.

Digital & Communications
Through our media relations, we have successfully positioned Eugene Pediatrics and its providers as go-to experts in their field. When reporters want to localize a national story or trend in pediatrics, they know who to turn to for an interview and information. In addition to making themselves accessible, Eugene Pediatrics has a dynamic website and social media presence – for which we edit, manage and moderate – that are available to parents who need information, day or night. In addition to parents, reporters have told us that they follow Eugene Pediatrics’ blog and social media channels, Facebook and YouTube, to stay in the know. We also connect them to the community through sponsorships that provide high visibility in a way that supports schools, sports organizations and nonprofits that serve children and families.

Services provided: advertising, blogs, consulting, media relations, mobile, planning/strategy, publicity, research, search engine optimization, social media, sponsorships, photography, websites, writing/editing.