Liz Mayfield

Senior Graphic Designer / Swatch Wizard

Liz works her magic daily to create stunning presentations, color schemes, logos — you name it. She has a practical approach to design challenges and always puts the clients’ needs first.

Experience: 15+ years. Spent eight years as senior graphic designer for a major Northwest retailer where she developed a passion and acute understanding of branding, as well as a unique insight into the perspective of a client.

Work/design philosophy: Liz believes in being a listener. She asks how each design helps to accomplish a client’s goals. She also enjoys hearing about a client’s passion for their business or organization and helping to turn that passion into a visual manifestation — bringing their “baby” into the world.

Interests: Family time, reading, bingewatching, bunnies, Ducks

Fun facts: Liz is an Oregon native and a true DIYer. She and her husband are remodeling their home (they even built new kitchen cabinets). It’s been going well, with only one broken window and a shower that underwent some “tile and error” before the professionals were called in.