Kurt Booker

Web Director / Lead Keyboardist

As our lead problem solver and chief astrologist, Kurt has the skills and know-how to ensure everything aligns just as it should. He’s a digital marketing pioneer who has the expertise to make our clients’ websites the best they can be.

Interests: Collects vinyl and enjoys producing music of his own: “Music is my No. 1 passion in life.”

Fun facts: Kurt played trombone and theremin in a swing revival band that is in the Sacramento Area Music Awards Hall of Fame. In the 1990s he taught himself web design and made a page for the band on a new thing called “The Internet.” While working in the mail room at what was then the largest record store in the country, he offered to build the company’s website – it became an early leader in electronic retail. As Kurt says, “I’m a trombone player who sold millions of records.”