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Google AdWords: Coming back to KISS

You know the old marketing adage, “Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)”? We had a good reminder of it while creating an AdWords campaign for one of our clients. Marketers have been known to devote huge amounts of time researching, analyzing, updating and measuring, only to do it all over again. (Can you relate?) Well, here’s one campaign that worked its best by absolutely keeping it simple. Continue Reading…

Junk mail

Email aliases help control spam

For those who own or manage a domain name and use it for email, think about using forwarders. A forwarder is an email alias that will pass email to another address of your choosing. For example, I sometimes use this email address — — to forward email to my real address, which I would rather not display here.

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How to detect junk emails

I want to share a tactic I use to figure out if an email is legitimate or not. I hover my cursor over the links in an email, which brings up the full pathway of where the email is going. In the screenshot above, you can’t see my cursor, but it is hovering over the Play button. The red arrow I drew here points to the link that displays after a second or two. Most email clients do this.

That URL doesn’t seem legitimate to me, so junk it must be. And I didn’t even have to click the link to find out.


Responsive design explained

Several years ago, A List Apart posted an article titled “Responsive Web Design.”  It was an immediate hit among Web developers, describing how we could use existing technology to build websites that worked well on any size monitor or device. Since then, responsive design has revolutionized the industry, as few new sites are built without employing responsiveness.
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A passion for web development

I have been developing websites since 1995 — almost half my life — and I’m very pleased to be doing it on behalf of the Turell Group and its clients.  Sites I have built or managed range from the smallest of personal to the largest of corporate e-commerce.  I have worked on close to a hundred sites here in Eugene/Lane County, and I enjoy the fact that I cannot travel anywhere in the area without passing by a business whose site I have helped build.  I cherish them all.
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