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TG Media Interview

How to Field Questions From a Reporter And Get Your Message Across

Perhaps you’re interested in promoting an event, or maybe someone at your organization has unique expertise or an interesting story to tell. There might also be a time when your company is facing a public crisis and there’s a need to respond. Whatever the circumstance, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re contacted by a journalist for an interview. Many of these tips are universal, others are more specific to print media. Let’s get started.

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Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

10 Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Business Communications

We’ve all been there before – caught up in writing that last-minute email before rushing off to tackle something else on the work to-do list. Hit SEND and move on, right? Not so fast. Writers and editors know that those last minutes are the best time to fix potentially embarrassing, simple grammatical errors.

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The television media are coming! — Turell Group blog

The television media are coming!

You have a great new product, opening or local event. You’ve put out your media release, followed up with the appropriate phone calls and — fabulous! — the television media want to come and cover the story.

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Interviewing: Top tips for getting your story

One of the first interviews I conducted in the field as a features writer, I had been a writer-journalist for six years. But at a desk. Being out in the field was so much different. There was the notebook, the tape recorder, the balancing of notebook and the tape recorder as I walked with my interview subject during the tour of his business.

There was balancing all that and then the dictation for the exact quotes, the mindful tracking of where I walked AND my interviewee’s comments, to be at the ready with the next appropriate question! There was the… the… the… (brown paper bag, please).
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