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The making of a PONGference table

We needed a multi-purpose table here at Turell Group and I enjoy making things out of wood, so I volunteered as designer and craftsman. And since we like to have fun while we’re at work and nothing we do is a run-of-the-mill project, I designed the table to suit our space, as well as our appetite for a little competitive exercise. Continue Reading…


Team-building adventures: A memorable experience

When I graduated from the University of Oregon last year, I had no idea what to expect at a workplace. It’s no secret. An office-based work life can lead to an anatomical connection with our desks and computer screens.

But here at Turell Group, we frequently disrupt this office norm with chatter, laughter and good times — especially outside the office. Continue Reading…

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Safety Training: The number one goal is to survive

I recently attended a training session here at the US Bank Center on what to do if an active shooter entered the building. While it seems unlikely any of us will ever find ourselves in this situation, thinking and preparing could mean the difference between life and death.
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Tim Cleavenger Alumni Foundation

There’s no place like home … for your dog

At TG, we love our four-legged friends. So, when the City of Eugene asked us to help out with a dog licensing campaign, our tails were wagging. Kudos to Kelly Darnell, interim animal services manager, for the great idea, and photographer Chris Pietsch for the fun photos and all the local celebrities for sharing their dogs and their smiles.
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A marketing primer for a curious 4th grader

This week, we had a visit from Grace, the charming, curious daughter of a Turell Group friend and client, Nikki Thaut from Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Grace had a school assignment, to explore a career she was interested in and she chose us! (Seriously, if 10-year-olds think you’re cool, you are cool.)
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