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Getting Healthy

I am proud of and grateful for the TG team. They are all good people who work hard for our clients. But, let’s face it; sometimes the pressures of work (and family) make it seem impossible to make healthy choices. Continue Reading…


Kurt’s 2nd Annual Smoothie Diet

I started a smoothie diet again this week. Last year, this diet helped me lose 17 pounds in less than two months, but the enticing downtown food carts and restaurants near the Turell Group office have helped me gain a bit of it back. Later this year, I’m going on a cruise to southeast Asia, and I not only want to be in good health and full of vim and vigor, but to fit nicely into my tuxedo for formal nights on the ship.

I got the idea for the smoothie diet from BioTrust, maker of my favorite protein powder. The gist is I drink a low-carb, high-protein smoothie twice during the day, and in the evening, eat a sensible dinner of protein and veggies. I’ll do this every day for no longer than one month. Continue Reading…