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Create! Eugene: Discover your forte

Engage the senses, learn a new trade and communicate through color, texture and light at this summer’s Create! Eugene. For the entire month of August, our friends at the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene are firing up Eugene/Springfield’s creative spirit with more than 100 workshops.

There’s a wonderland of creative possibilities to keep you inspired. Whether it’s dance, music, painting or photography, people of all ages and abilities can participate. Continue Reading…


Adventure hiking during our workday

What’s left to do when you’ve already climbed Everest? Keep climbing!

Last summer, we made it a team goal at Turell Group to hike the equivalent of Mount Everest — but up the building’s staircase. Together, in just a few short months, we made 345 trips up to our seventh-floor office, and summited Everest.

After a brief hiatus, we caught our breath and are taking on the next challenge: summiting the five tallest peaks in Oregon. Continue Reading…


Tri Training: Endurance

I’m beginning to understand why our triathlon team’s name is Team Endure.

Endurance: The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way (New Oxford American Dictionary)

I’m learning that endurance defines triathlon training. One foot in front of the other, one mental leap to the next — it’s all about moving forward despite adversity.
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Six long days of trying not to complain

Without pointing any fingers, I must declare “No fair!” My 7-year-old son has celebrated what seems like endless no-school days this past week, following a mere six inches of snow that fell six days ago. Let me repeat that. Six inches. Six days ago.

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Fall roundup!

The colors around us are changing, and fall is officially here. Fall in Oregon can mean pouring-down rain and sunny blue skies within the same hour. And no matter how lovely it looks outside, you need layers of clothing.
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Top 5 tailgating tips from a pro.

At TG, we have a pretty diverse group of football fans. We of course have our Ducks, and then there’s a Beaver, a Nebraska Husker and a Michigan Wolverine.

But when it comes down to it, we’re in Eugene and Autzen Stadium is an incredible venue and there is nothing that compares to the moment the pre-game video is on the big screen down to the final seconds of the game! I love the excitement and energy that courses through the crowd!
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