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Team-building adventures: A memorable experience

When I graduated from the University of Oregon last year, I had no idea what to expect at a workplace. It’s no secret. An office-based work life can lead to an anatomical connection with our desks and computer screens.

But here at Turell Group, we frequently disrupt this office norm with chatter, laughter and good times — especially outside the office. Continue Reading…


Create! Eugene: Discover your forte

Engage the senses, learn a new trade and communicate through color, texture and light at this summer’s Create! Eugene. For the entire month of August, our friends at the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene are firing up Eugene/Springfield’s creative spirit with more than 100 workshops.

There’s a wonderland of creative possibilities to keep you inspired. Whether it’s dance, music, painting or photography, people of all ages and abilities can participate. Continue Reading…


Tri Training: The big day and final thoughts

It’s been two weeks since the big day — my participation in the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon. I’ve sat down to write this final post several times and have been unable to put into words what I felt. Maybe writing this makes it too final. Maybe it’s too emotional. Maybe. But here goes.

The weekend started with a potluck and team meeting. The coaches specifically acknowledge each team member, recognizing his or her accomplishments. For me, Coach Mike recognized my new “I think I can” attitude. He’s right. It wasn’t until about two months ago that I really thought I would be able to accomplish the feat. This new level of confidence and courage will help me with anything I try to achieve going forward. Continue Reading…

Dana is ready!

Tri Training: Waiting on MRI results

Over the last month, my training workouts for the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon have been intense. My team meets on Saturdays at Dorena Lake to do full run-throughs.

The first time we did it, I literally thought I was going to fall to the ground from exhaustion. I actually contemplated curling up in a ball right there on the path. I’ve never really been that exhausted in my life. But what it taught me is I can do it! I’ve done the full race distance a few times now. That feels good. Continue Reading…

Easy-fix social media mistakes — Turell Group blog

Easy-fix social media mistakes

Over the past few years, you may have read about the abundance of companies making mistakes on social media. (For two of my “favorites” go here and here.) These cases occurred because someone who had oversight of social media posted something inappropriate from a company account. And you know, within no time, it’s going to be called out. Continue Reading…

Corporate Social Responsibilty — Turell Group blog

Why Corporate Social Responsibility matters

You might be surprised to know that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not all that new. In fact, the phrase was coined in 1953 by Howard Bowen’s publication of “Social Responsibility of Businessmen,” according to the Corporate Watch.

So what is CSR, and does it matter? Continue Reading…


Social Media Management: Hootsuite 101

Hootsuite allows you to monitor conversations about your brand and schedule content. At first glance, it can be intimidating and confusing. But with a basic review of its tools, you can use Hootsuite as a great, low-cost addition to social media monitors. It can be used for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but we mostly use it for Twitter. Continue Reading…

The television media are coming! — Turell Group blog

The television media are coming!

You have a great new product, opening or local event. You’ve put out your media release, followed up with the appropriate phone calls and — fabulous! — the television media want to come and cover the story.

Now what? Continue Reading…

Turell Group Blog — Tri Training: Oregon Cancer Foundation

Tri Training: Oregon Cancer Foundation

Many of my tri teammates have been writing fundraising letters and holding events since February. I’ve been so focused on training, I just got started. I have a lot of ground to make up.  If you are not on my Turell Group email list and want to be, leave a comment here, and you will receive our emails listing ways to support the cause, including an invitation to a mid-May fundraising party.

The fundraising dollars from this event will support a local cancer foundation that I’m a board member of  — the Oregon Cancer Foundation.  The foundation empowers, strengthens and sustains those impacted by cancer in our community through education, support and financial assistance. Continue Reading…