One thing you should know about Turell Group is we genuinely care about our clients and our community. And we make it a point to give back.

Last year, we had the privilege of extending our support for Oregon Cancer Foundation (OCF) by donating our services for a fall fundraising campaign. It consisted of growing an already-established local fundraiser called Bras for a Cure, developing a new fundraiser we affectionately named Grow Your Mo, and lending a hand in creating the nonprofit’s first-annual fundraising breakfast to help cancer patients undergoing treatment in Lane County.

We packed those three events into a two-month campaign that generated more than $72,000 for the Foundation.

Bring out the bras

Bras for a Cure is a colorful fundraiser started four years ago by Shirley Lyons and her daughter, Toviana Jackson, of Dandelions Flowers & Gifts. The concept is simple: Invite people to decorate a bra, put the creations on display, and encourage the community to donate by voting for their favorites.

Shirley and Toviana knew this well-received fundraiser could raise even more money if they could get more people involved. Together, we put on our thinking caps and the Build-A-Bra event was born.

Valley River Center graciously provided space at its center court. We enlisted the help of media partners KMTR NBC 16, KDUK 104.7 and KOOL 99.1 to spread the word. Rife’s Home Furniture provided crafting supplies, and Macy’s, JC Penney and Lane Bryant donated bras. We provided signage and public relations services and worked with OCF on planning and execution.

The event was a hit. Those who attended paid a $10 entry fee to decorate a bra, then let their creativity loose.

This year’s Bras for a Cure fundraiser nearly doubled its proceeds, raising more than $6,100 to support the Foundation.

Building awareness

Oregon Cancer Foundation provides stopgap financial assistance to people receiving cancer-related services in Lane County. That support is delivered to patients in ways it’s needed most, like gas money to get to treatment, a rent check or money to pay a utility bill or buy groceries.

Held at the Eugene Hilton, the first-annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors with Cancer Breakfast was well attended and accomplished our goal of raising awareness. We planned a program that was lighthearted yet informative. We announced the Bras for a Cure winners, and we shared the story of local musician and cancer survivor Paul Biondi, who was helped by the Foundation while undergoing treatment. And when OCF board member Rich Truett asked the crowd to give generously in support of OCF, they did. In one hour, the breakfast raised nearly $60,000!

Then things got hairy

Internationally, November is known as “Movember,” a month when some men forgo shaving for 30 days to promote awareness of men’s health issues.

We made a few creative tweaks, gave it a new name and developed another opportunity to raise money for local cancer patients. We enlisted 13 men from the community to participate as our “Mo Bros” and launched a Grow Your Mo website. The guys put away their razors for a month and let their “mo” grow—moustaches, beards, goatees—you get the idea.

For four weeks, we monitored their progress and encouraged the community to vote for their favorite participants. We put out appeals via social media and so did our guys. Our media partners also played a big role, spreading the word across the airwaves and showcasing our participants and the Foundation on the evening news.

It was exciting to see the votes (1$ = 1 vote) roll in each day. Sizeable donations had us cheering, “There’s another one!” In 30 days, Grow Your Mo raised more than $6,100, matching Bras for a Cure. We were overjoyed!

Three significant fundraisers in the span of 60 days. Whew!

A campaign to grow on

We are proud of how this campaign came to life. More importantly, we’re glad Oregon Cancer Foundation can help more people because of our efforts. That’s really what it’s all about.

We believe in these fundraisers and the opportunity to grow them over time. So, now is the time to start thinking about that creative bra design you can contribute in October. And if you know of a man who would make a great Mo Bro, let us know.