Turell Group is one of only four Google Partners in Eugene, Oregon, with a certification in AdWords. We have managed successful campaigns for Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, Market of Choice, Oregon Allergy Associates and others. As Google currently commands 62% of the global search engine market share (desktop) and 92% (mobile/tablet), it’s an ideal platform for getting your online content out front and visible to prospective clients.

AdWords is the all-encompassing name for Google’s ad network. Not only does it refer to ads that appear on Google search result pages, but also their partner network, which allows ads to display on millions of non-Google websites. Ads can appear as text, images or even interactive content. They can be optimized for various devices, such as mobile or desktop, or even appear within mobile apps. And marketers get to choose precisely how, when and where their ads will appear.

Tools for reaching specific audiences
Keyword targeting lets marketers choose exactly which words must exist in a search query for their ad to appear. Google provides plenty of options for determining how exact or loose the targeting can be. And it can accommodate misspellings, synonyms or variations on your keywords. For example, if you are targeting searches on the phrase “women’s hats,” Google can display your ad for searches on “ladies hats” as well. Or not, depending on your preferences.

Locations or other demographics can also be targeted. For example, ads can be set to appear only within Eugene or Lane County, or within a 50-mile radius around Lane County plus Southern Oregon, or anywhere you decide. Time of day, or days of the week in which ads appear can easily be set, as well. Even specifics, such as household income or places of interest, such as airports or universities, can be part of the settings.

Similar to the game of chess, AdWords can be fairly simple to learn but challenging to master when so many options are available. Great care has to be taken in first understanding the goals of a campaign and then configuring the campaign settings to achieve that goal.

We consider ourselves experts in AdWords and have learned the many do’s and don’ts to running successful campaigns. If you want to bring more attention to your business or website, and want to give AdWords a try, give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.