Highway to Health 3

Read Part 1 & 2 of this series.

I will admit, my journey to health was a long, challenging process, full of much experimentation. So, I want to distill it down to a few pieces of advice for everyone:

1. Drink a greens drink or smoothie first thing every morning. Ditch the multi-vitamin pills and do this instead. It will strengthen your immune system and you will start the day hydrated. It’s very easy to do. My favorite powder is Balanced Green Energy Food which is produced locally. A more expensive but excellent alternative is Athletic Greens. ¬†Kale, Spinach, honey or fruit are nice to add to make it a breakfast.

2. Use a Neti pot regularly, especially if you are susceptible to sinus congestion.

3. Eat better quality food and less sugar.

4. Try to get 8 hours of quality sleep every night.

5. Take Vitamin D supplements, especially if you live in Oregon or some other place where the sun doesn’t shine.

6. Build muscle. If you go to the gym regularly, reduce your cardio time and start lifting heavy weights.

Above all, be patient with yourself as you try to make changes in your own habits. Take baby steps and don’t beat yourself up over the occasional donut. As a yoga teacher/nutritionist once told me when I challenged her about eating chocolate, “My system is so clean I can handle it.”¬† My goal has been to reach that lofty height of health. I think I’ve done it, and so can you!