We needed a multi-purpose table here at Turell Group and I enjoy making things out of wood, so I volunteered as designer and craftsman. And since we like to have fun while we’re at work and nothing we do is a run-of-the-mill project, I designed the table to suit our space, as well as our appetite for a little competitive exercise.

I present the official TG PONGference table.

The cost of materials was about the same as buying a wobbly used ping-pong table. This one is fairly sturdy and also functions nicely for other office activities like reviewing design comps, proofing large documents, and stand-up brainstorming meetings.

Ping-pong pros will point out that it’s not sized to the official table dimensions of 5×9, but 4×8 works pretty well. Stop by for a match and bring your A game—or if you challenge me, your C game will do just fine.

Process Notes:

  • Wear a respirator when applying lacquer. I didn’t on the first coat and lost some brain cells that I now miss.
  • I wanted to use shellac instead of lacquer because shellac is easier to work with and it’s one of my favorite words. Unfortunately, shellac didn’t react with the color tint as I had hoped.
  • I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m making something else in the garage because of the fumes and the respirator.

As it turns out, Dana has mad Forrest Gump skills and could probably strategize on a conference call while beating me at ping-pong.

Ping_Pong2 Ping_Pong3 Ping_Pong4 Ping_Pong5