Highway to Health 2

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In my quest for better health, I randomly began reading Tom Venuto’s “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.” I was impressed because he not only discussed proper diet and exercise routines, but also got into the science behind it all. That was the key for me. It wasn’t just mom telling me to eat my vegetables, but scientific studies proving mom was right. This led to other authors and websites such as Will Brink, bodybuilding.com, t-nation.com, and my favorite, Charles Poliquin. I read everything I could find, did my best to separate the wheat from the chaff, and began implementing what I was learning.

I started going to the gym and lifting weights. No hour-long cardio sessions for me because I learned the many benefits of building muscle instead. It burns fat, enhances strength and supports the body. Bodily aches and pains went away, and it was easier to do manly chores. It’s common for me to be asked to move a heavy object from one side of a room to another, whereas no one ever asks me to do them a favor by running eight miles.

I also began to change my diet. I got caught up in the supplement craze and began ingesting powders and pills for meals. Fish oil changed my life. Protein shakes were my best friend. I shopped the perimeter of the grocery market. Meats had to be grass-fed and eggs from happy chickens. I began buying organic and local more often. I will admit this was the most difficult part of the process. Eating healthy can be expensive and time-consuming, and chocolate is always beckoning.

It all worked! I’m in the best health of my life these days. I don’t get sick anymore. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cold or the flu. The main benefit from my efforts is that my immune system is much stronger. That is so important, especially as I get older.

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