In the marketing world, collaboration is key when working with clients. When you collaborate, everyone ends up feeling really good about the product, even when that means swallowing hard, scrapping hours of work and starting over.

When the providers of a new behavioral health practice for kids came to us for their branding, we couldn’t have been more excited. So we did what we do with every client: We sat down with them, picked their brains, learned what set them apart from other practices and talked about the look and feel of their soon-to-be branded business.

But sometimes — even when you listen closely, turn your notes into a clearly defined creative brief and put your heart and soul into designing it — you don’t nail it the first time.

We presented our work to the client with bated breath. Then we waited, fingers crossed, for the response every designer, creative director and account manager dreams about: “We love them all! We just don’t know which one to choose!”

Thrive Dr. B DrawingBut that wasn’t the response. Instead, we got an email with an attachment that included a hand-drawn logo, sketched out with Crayola markers and a note that said, “Can you make it look like this instead?”

As professional marketers with years of experience, feedback like this can be hard to swallow. But being the big boys and girls that we are here, we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves off, swallowed our pride and got back to work.

We’re experts in marketing, but our clients are experts in their fields. And, let’s face it, graphics, colors and words are subjective, no matter how hard you try to objectify them.

In the end, we produced a logo, tagline and look that the client loved. Then we carried it through everything we created — messaging, website, collateral, stationery and print ads.

Thrive_collateral_mockup1The finished product is what you see here, a name — Thrive Behavioral Health; a tagline — Cultivating positive growth; and look that represents the talented behavioral health specialists who want to see all children, adolescents and parents flourish.

Did I mention how much we love it, too? So much so that we do a little dance whenever we see it.

By listening, coming together and setting aside emotions, we created something better than either of us could have created on our own.