Dana is ready!

Over the last month, my training workouts for the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon have been intense. My team meets on Saturdays at Dorena Lake to do full run-throughs.

The first time we did it, I literally thought I was going to fall to the ground from exhaustion. I actually contemplated curling up in a ball right there on the path. I’ve never really been that exhausted in my life. But what it taught me is I can do it! I’ve done the full race distance a few times now. That feels good.

A couple weekends ago, we camped at Wickiup Reservoir and did the actual courses. The water was colder, but the bike route was a little easier than our route at Dorena. Again, I left feeling that I could really handle all the biking, swimming and running; they felt doable.

Then a pain started in my upper thigh. I wasn’t sure what it was or how much attention it needed. I tried stretching and a massage, but the pain seemed to get worse. Our team physical therapist evaluated me and immediately thought it was something in the hip joint. She advised me to stay off of it and go see my doctor.

That news wasn’t easy. Are you kidding? Stay off of it? I’m weeks away from my event! Nevertheless, I followed her advice and went to see my doctor.

My doctor had the exact same preliminary diagnosis. She first sent me for an X-ray, but that didn’t show enough detail or a solid plan of attack. She ordered an MRI, but I needed to wait several days to be seen. Now, I’m waiting on the results and my doctor’s direction on whether I can run or walk the last leg of the race. Keep in mind that the race is this Sunday!

UPDATE: News just in. It’s a stress fracture in my pelvis. Good news is it’s common and will heal. Bad news is I can’t run the race on Sunday. It’s okay. I’m just glad to have a decision. I am okay to do the swim and bike ride, and I will.

A regular runner just told me, “Now you’re a legitimate athlete because you’ve had your first real injury.” I’ll take that.

On to the race!

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