Hootsuite allows you to monitor conversations about your brand and schedule content. At first glance, it can be intimidating and confusing. But with a basic review of its tools, you can use Hootsuite as a great, low-cost addition to social media monitors. It can be used for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but we mostly use it for Twitter.

Why it’s useful for monitoring. Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor everything posted on Twitter about your company, or relating to a particular word or phrase, alongside your own tweets. On one page you can review individual streams for each criterion, which brings up much more information than just scrolling through the accounts you follow. Many people will tweet about a product or place without tagging, and Hootsuite makes it easy to find these tweets and then reply to them, or favorite or retweet them.

How to select feeds. When you open Hootsuite, it asks you to link to social networks. Once you’ve connected, you need to choose which feeds you want. I like to keep the feeds for Mentions and Scheduled Tweets at the front so I can see immediately if there is anything I need to reply or react to, and if any scheduled tweets need to be adjusted. To add a feed, click on the icon for that feed, and it will pop up. You can rearrange feeds later by clicking and dragging them from the top.


How to schedule a post. In the top left of the page, you’ll see the option to compose a message, and in the middle, an option to select a social network. I prefer to select my network first, because then you can see how many characters are used in the message.


After selecting your social network, write your message and click the calendar icon to select the day and time your post will publish.

Hootsuite3 copy

Hootsuite also has an internal link-shortening option, and by clicking the paper clip, you can include a photo or video with a shortened link. Once you’ve added everything you want (and haven’t exceeded 140 characters), click Schedule. Your post will show up in the Scheduled Tweets feed, where you can edit or delete it.


It’s that simple! There are many sites for scheduling content. Hootsuite just happens to be our favorite. Feel free to email (or tweet!) us with questions.