Easy-fix social media mistakes — Turell Group blog

Over the past few years, you may have read about the abundance of companies making mistakes on social media. (For two of my “favorites” go here and here.) These cases occurred because someone who had oversight of social media posted something inappropriate from a company account. And you know, within no time, it’s going to be called out.

But there are less egregious mistakes that cause little media fanfare or social media hubbub but still get in the way of good engagement with your online followers. Here are my top three social media no-nos.

Ignoring people. If someone writes on your wall or tweets a question to you, don’t ignore the contact. Social media is a sort of customer service, and the sooner you reply, the better. If the question needs to be sent to a specific email address, ask the poster to direct-message you so that the information can be seen and responded to privately.

Deleting bad feedback. If someone leaves a bad review or comments on a company page with a complaint, don’t delete it. Respond either with an explanation or an apology. Or provide information about whom to contact to make things right or make a formal complaint. If the comment or review is vulgar, threatening or seems to only have been written for the sake of being mean, then it’s okay to delete. For Facebook, it’s a good idea to have social media rules of engagement on your site that lay out these rules and what your actions will be in the case of defamatory postings. See an example we drew up for our client Eugene Pediatric Associates.

Editing without acknowledging a change. If you’ve accidentally made a typo or given inaccurate information in a post and someone calls you out, acknowledge that you saw the comment after fixing the post. Something as simple as, “Whoops! Thanks for catching that, we’ve fixed the post,” will be appreciated and noticed by followers. It shows that a real human is running the page, and a polite one at that.

What social media faux pas drive you crazy? Comment below if you think we missed a big one.