Turell Group Blog — Tri Training: Oregon Cancer Foundation

Many of my tri teammates have been writing fundraising letters and holding events since February. I’ve been so focused on training, I just got started. I have a lot of ground to make up.  If you are not on my Turell Group email list and want to be, leave a comment here, and you will receive our emails listing ways to support the cause, including an invitation to a mid-May fundraising party.

The fundraising dollars from this event will support a local cancer foundation that I’m a board member of  — the Oregon Cancer Foundation.  The foundation empowers, strengthens and sustains those impacted by cancer in our community through education, support and financial assistance. Every dollar raised stays right here in our community, helping our neighbors, friends and families impacted by cancer to better manage their journey. That’s worth repeating. There is no national headquarters. All donations stay here to help local cancer patients.

Oregon Cancer Foundation programs include:

  • Counseling: Everyone needs someone to talk to, especially in times of great transition.
  • Financial Assistance: A cancer diagnosis can send a family’s finances into a tailspin. Sometimes it takes only a small amount of money to sustain finances before a patient’s other resources kick in or lifestyle changes can be made.
  • Survivor Series: When cancer treatment ends, a new chapter of life begins. These workshops provide information and support to manage the challenges that arise after cancer treatment.
  • Support Groups: No one faces cancer alone. Our support groups provide a sense of community. Hope is found in a safe environment where it becomes possible to process fears, hurts and pain, as well as develop coping skills and celebrate milestones.

I’m humbled and honored to train for the biggest physical challenge of my life while raising money to help those fighting cancer. I don’t pretend to know what they are going through. But I hope our support helps them in some small way.

Please consider making a donation to this important organization. Visit my fundraising page today. Thank you!