What’s left to do when you’ve already climbed Everest? Keep climbing!

Last summer, we made it a team goal at Turell Group to hike the equivalent of Mount Everest — but up the building’s staircase. Together, in just a few short months, we made 345 trips up to our seventh-floor office, and summited Everest.

After a brief hiatus, we caught our breath and are taking on the next challenge: summiting the five tallest peaks in Oregon.

As a born-and-bred Oregonian, I’m quite familiar with the beauty and awe of the Three Sisters, Mount Jefferson and Mount Hood. I haven’t personally climbed to the top of any of them (yet), but this challenge is just what I need to get my heart pumping midday in the office.

The view from the top might not be as magnificent, but climbing flights of stairs that are the equivalent of these mountains is good for my lungs, legs and heart. The journey also requires no special equipment, and I can do it any weather, any time of day. But I’ll admit, there’s also the added incentive of a fun, local team-building adventure when we reach the top.

As of today, we’ve already summited the North and Middle Sisters. When we reach the top of the South Sister, we get to choose a team adventure. (In the real outdoors!)

When Mt. Jefferson is completed, we will choose the date. And once Mt. Hood is crossed off the list, we get to get outside and enjoy some time together as a team.

Will it be a wild ride on the sand dunes? Whitewater rafting? Spencer Butte challenge course? Geocaching? Only five more trips up the stairs, and we’ll let you know!!