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Some people have fancy fuel bands or watches that track stats. I have the RunKeeper app. And I love it! There’s something motivating about logging my activities and seeing them all add up.

So far, I have logged more than 100 activities. I’ll admit it; I’m a little addicted. I even log 2.5-minute walks up the stairs and 5-minute core workouts.

Because why not?

When I run or bike, I hit “go,” and the app tracks my distance, speed and elevation. It even breaks up the activity into mile-splits. And if I want it to, the app talks to me. While I’m on the go, I can set it to tell me my total time and average pace every mile.

Given that we’re now on speaking terms, I have affectionately named her Rhonda RunKeeper.

One of my favorite features is Rhonda’s calorie counter. She keeps track of the number of calories I burn during each activity and a running total for the week. One feature I don’t like so much is the countdown to my triathlon. As of now, there are 72 days, 8 hours, 40 minutes and 55 seconds (54, 53, 52…).

But Rhonda’s most endearing feature is her tracking of my personal achievements. I am constantly attaining a personal record in something: second fastest pace; most activities in one week; biggest elevation climbed; and many more.

Rhonda is very supportive in telling me about my milestones. I get an alert and an email, and she keeps records of them on the Me page of her app. I have to admit, I have grown quite fond of her encouragement. Every personal record makes me feel good, even if I think the record is slightly ridiculous.

The RunKeeper company is based in Boston. The bombing at last year’s marathon hit them hard. This year, from March 1 to April 21, they are trying to track 118 million miles for the 118th Boston Marathon. According to their blog:

“Another sentiment emerged, almost immediately after the news of the bombings did. Instead of retreating out of fear, runners everywhere fought back by getting out and moving more than ever, setting big goals, and proving that we can’t be held down. We looked to running and exercise as therapy, organizing races and events of all sizes to honor and support to the far too many victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.”

Read the full article here.

Okay, Rhonda. I’ll run for you — and Boston.


  1. Craig Matthew

    Hi Dana, I use Runkeeper too. I totally relate to everything you said. I haven’t done any triathlons, but I have run 5 half marathons and I am training for my first full marathon. Let me know your screen name and I will send you a friend request :)

  2. Dana Author

    Craig – Wow! I’m so impressed. Good for you for finishing five half-marathons and training for a full. I think my screen name is just my name.

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