Tri Training: In paradise — Turell Group

A couple weeks ago I was in Maui, Hawaii. What a treat! I feel blessed to have vacationed in such a beautiful and warm place. The ocean always brings me closer to God. Its majesty and massiveness remind me how small I am, and how He is so much greater. For me, that perspective is good to keep in my mind.

While in Hawaii, I adapted my training to my surroundings. When in Rome, right? I discovered this wonderful place with calm water off of Black Rock — an ideal swimming spot. How amazing to be moving through the water with sea turtles and colorful fish! I learned that in some ways swimming in seawater is easier, and in some ways harder. You’re more buoyant in seawater, but pushing against the current makes you feel like you’re going nowhere. Although the triathlon will be in a reservoir, I still think swimming in open water versus a pool was good practice.

I did my runs (well, really walks) on the sand, right where the tide crashed against the shore. I loved the waves lapping against my feet and watching the horizon for breaching humpback whales. Although I’ve never been a rock hound, I couldn’t help but collect a few from the shoreline. I tried to talk myself out of it, but I ended up lugging a collection of them back with me on the plane. I learned that walking briskly along the shoreline isn’t easy. Man, was I sore after about three miles!

For my bike workouts, I discovered the gym at the Marriott Hotel. While working through my miles, I gazed at beautiful views of the gardens, pools and ocean.

I learned that you sweat a lot in humid weather. After the bike ride, I downed two bottles of water and looked like a drowned rat at the end. You would have just as likely guessed I had gone swimming.

Until now, I’ve never taken workouts on a vacation seriously. But, I have to say, tri training in paradise is not bad at all. In fact, I highly recommend it.