Reading List: Social media resources for nonprofits

Doing great work day in and day out isn’t enough. Building and maintaining relationships with donors, volunteers, advocates and employees takes regular care and attention.

Staying top of mind in an information-saturated world is challenging for any organization. A small staff trying to meet a big mission can make it even more so.

Social media channels can be very effective for a lot of nonprofits (and for-profits, for that matter), but it can be hard to know where to start.

I have collected some resources that can help.

General social media knowledge

Mashable. This is the go-to resource for keeping up with social media trends and topics. It is increasingly positioning itself as a publishing platform, so the content ranges from celebrities to how-tos to new platforms to global news, and everything in between.

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Nonprofit Tech for Good. This focuses tightly on technology topics as they relate to nonprofits. Updated several times a week, this site focuses on tools, case studies and analysis of all things tech, not just social media.

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These folks have got it going on, in the non-profit world. They consistently offer great advice via their own social media channels and are widely seen as the people in the know.

Beth Kanter
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Kivi Leroux Miller
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Nonprofit Marketing Blog
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Getting Attention/Nancy Schwartz
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Not satisfied with this list of nonprofit A-listers? Check out this giant list of nonprofit blogs.

Nonprofit resources

Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide from Idealware is a great (free) e-book that can help guide the planning process.

The 2013 CMO’s Guide to the Social Media Landscape infographic is a handy at-a-glance chart to ID which platforms are best for which purposes.

Twitter chats

Maybe a bit advanced for the beginner crowd, but twitter chats can be an amazing way to connect with peers, get advice, be inspired and maybe vent a little. Check out this helpful guide to finding a Twitter chat.

I hope you find a nugget or two, to learn from or be inspired by. If you have a resource you love, share it with us!