As soon as Turell Group came into existence, Dana made it a priority to write a blog post about each employee, highlighting our strengths and telling the world what we bring to the team. Now, we’d like to tell the world about the incredible leader we have in Dana.

One of Dana’s favorite things about working in marketing is the opportunity to build relationships with clients. She truly cares about people and making a difference in the world. When you talk with her, she gives you her full attention, asks questions and wants to know your opinion.

Because she relates so well, people are naturally drawn to her. She is friendly, adaptable and driven. She is motivated by seeing other people grow and reach their full potential. Dana makes us feel good about our personal talents and pushes us to grow, learn and excel, individually and as a team. She is fun, silly, smart and makes the people in her life feel truly valued.

Dana’s faith and moral compass guide her life and make her one of the most genuine people you will meet. Turell Group came to life quickly and unexpectedly, and throughout the whole process, Dana prayed for guidance and was open with each of us about her goal of creating an agency with a mission to “serve God, each other, our clients and the community.”

At Turell Group, we’re strategic, passionate and collaborative in everything we do. Working with us is not only effective, it’s fun. Not every business can say that, because not every business has a leader like Dana. She’s a great role model to all women, as a business owner, marketer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate.

About a month and a half ago, Dana started training for the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon — you’ve probably seen her blog posts on training and how much she’s learning about herself. When you see her next, ask how her training is coming along.


  1. Kurt Booker

    We’re fortunate to have you in our lives, Dana. Looking forward to another year at good ole Turell Group!

  2. Cindy Turell

    It’s very exciting to see that the Turell Group and others see what I’ve always known about you Dana and the wonderful team at TG is such a blessing. I’m proud to be your mom!

  3. Dana

    Thank you both!

  4. I met Dana many years ago while I was working at Popp!e Design and she was at Food for Lane County. She is an amazing person and I’m so glad you all pulled together to write about Dana on Turell Group’s one year anniversary. Hope to stop by for the party tomorrow night!

  5. Dana Turell

    Thank you, Mikayle. That’s very sweet. The party is NEXT Friday, not today. I hope you can make it.

  6. Harvey Turell

    I knew Dana was destined to run her own business many years ago however god had a plan for her to wait until all the stars were in proper order and it finally happened. The only person surprised about the Turell Gruops meteoric success is it’s founder my gifted loving gorgeous caring brilliant Daughter who I couldn’t be prouder of. I love and respect you with all my heart. You go girl

  7. Aww thanks Dad. I greatly appreciate your support and belief in me.

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