Felecia came highly recommended by a graphic design instructor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. I think his exact words were, “She has moments of pure brilliance.” Who could pass that up?

Felecia started with us as a design intern during the summer and recently transitioned to full-time, permanent employee status.

When you first meet Felecia, you may overlook her flair because of how composed she is. But dig just slightly deeper, and you’ll find her sense of style. It’s worth the extra work. She has definite ideas and opinions about everything, from clothing to food. She fits in well with our creative, slightly quirky and fun office environment.

Felecia’s natural ability for design layout and typography show up in her project work. Very soon, we will launch the revised TurellGroup.com. Felecia had a strong influence on and designed much of the pages. I’m excited for the project to go-live, so you can see the outcome of her hard work.

Felecia regularly contributes to our Facebook series “Typography Tuesday,” where she explains the origins and benefits of fonts. Check it out. There are so many great fonts to choose from. Don’t be limited to the defaults given to you by Microsoft Word.

Felecia is eager to grow. She receives feedback well and takes time to learn new programs to boost her experience and abilities. She also has good input. On one of her first days on the job, she joined a client meeting and came up with a tagline idea that stuck.

Felecia’s birthday is just a few days before mine and in the same month as the birthdays of Alicia, Jeneca and Tracy. We have five January birthdays! I’m not sure what that means about us, but it must be something good. To celebrate, Felecia took a trip to Mexico with family. The next time you see her, ask how it went.