You know those people, the ones you just want to have around? The ones who are good to their core and have a heart of gold, who always have something positive to say and a smile on their face? That’s Patty. From the moment I met her, I knew I wanted her to be a part of the TG team. Her character drew me to her. She’s authentic and deep, yet a breath of fresh air.

Although she doesn’t look it, Patty and her husband, Andy, have seven daughters — four by birth and three by adoption. You can’t help but admire that. What’s more, Patty just graduated from University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. That’s right! After she raised her girls, she went back to school to get her degree. I’m so proud of her and the role model she is for so many.

Maybe it’s her seven daughters or the three years she recently spent in college, but Patty is ageless. She relates and befriends everyone, no matter his or her stage in life. A couple of decades between their ages doesn’t prevent Patty and Caitlin from being inseparable in our office.

It’s been fun getting to know Patty’s skillset and strengths. She’s interested in video production and rapidly learning and growing at it. Her innate ability to talk to people makes her a natural fit for media relations and communications. She’s willing to help and plug-in wherever needed. No doubt we will continue to see Patty grow into her professional strengths this year and beyond. I look forward to the journey.

The next time you see Patty, give her a heartfelt “Congratulations!” for her recent accomplishments. Also, ask about MYOP, a family tradition you might want to adopt for your own.


  1. Cindy Turell

    Congratulations Patty! We are all so proud of you.

  2. Rebecca Jenness

    Congratulations mom! You are truly amazing! Everyone is now getting the opportunity to see what all of us girls have known and seen growing up! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see how much more you will accomplish! You set the standard very high!

  3. Carol Haskins

    Congratulations Patty!

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