Facebook pages for businesses and organizations operate very differently than personal accounts. There are many more features, and one of the more convenient ones is scheduling posts for future dates.

You can save a lot of time by picking a day each week to create posts for the upcoming week to 10 days. This is particularly helpful for special events or holidays, so you won’t be caught in a last-minute frenzy to post a reminder to your followers.

Scheduling a post is a simple process. Let’s walk through it:

Begin in the status box where you would normally post and type in the content you would like to share — but don’t click Post yet!


In the bottom left corner of the status box you’ll see an icon of a small, gray clock. Click through each of the drop-down lists for year, month, date, hour and then minute, for the time you would like to share your post. Then click Schedule.


A notification will pop up saying your post has been scheduled. Click on View Activity Log.


In the Activity Log, you can see all of your posts, scheduled or past, in one place. It’s a great way to keep organized. If you notice your post is not scheduled for the time you wanted, don’t fret. Hover your mouse over that post, and at the top right you’ll notice a little arrow. Click on the arrow and select Change Time.


With photos, if you realize the wording of your post isn’t quite what you wanted, click on the picture in the Activity Log, and the photo will show up the way your followers will see when they click on it. To the right of the photo, click Edit.


Once you’ve adjusted your text, click Done Editing. Hit the Escape key to return to your Activity Log.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully scheduled and edited a Facebook post. This step will save you lots of time and energy in the future, and help you better plan and roll out your online presence.