The colors around us are changing, and fall is officially here. Fall in Oregon can mean pouring-down rain and sunny blue skies within the same hour. And no matter how lovely it looks outside, you need layers of clothing.

As unpredictable as the weather can be, you can enjoy a number of great activities in Lane County! And so we present to you: Turell Group’s Fall Roundup. Fun stuff to do in Lane County (in no particular order).

1. Pumpkin patch: Whether you’re going to Herrick Farms (Walterville), Lone Pine Farms (Junction City), or any of the farms in between, ride a tractor- or horse-pulled trailer out into a pumpkin patch. Hunt for the perfect size and shape pumpkin to carve, or otherwise decorate with. That never loses its fun!

2.  Corn maze: Lone Pine Farms offers two versions of its corn maze: the Daytime Non-haunted Maze and the Haunted Nights X-Scream Maze. Get lost with your favorite people!

3.  Leaf pile: No, you don’t go to one, you make one! Many people remember this as a childhood favorite. Jumping into a giant pile of leaves is perfectly fun as an adult, too. Just make sure it’s a really big pile!

4.  Pick apples: There are lots of farms offering U-pick. Head over to your favorite farm at one of these locations listed in The Register-Guard! Making apple crisp or apple butter is even more rewarding (and delicious) when you’ve put in so much work.

5.  Make something delicious: Fall desserts are the best! Just in the category of pumpkin, there are: pies, cookies, scones, drinks (alcoholic and non), entrees, soups, bread, and more. Take a batch of fresh pumpkin cookies to work and you’ll be the most popular person for a week, guaranteed. If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, don’t stress. Apples, pecans, cinnamon and caramel are all popular fall flavors.

6.  Take a hike: Our final days of sporadic sunshine are nearly gone, so soak up the rays and hike up Mt. Pisgah or Spencer’s Butte for a view you can’t beat! We’re lucky to live in an area that shows off fall’s colors so vividly; it’s even prettier from above.

7.  Duck Football: Even if you’re not a huge football fan, Duck Football games are a thing to experience. From the beautiful sights of the Willamette river and fall colors as you walk over the footbridge to the screaming stadium with an energy you can feel, every Eugenean should experience Autzen Stadium at least once.

8.  Haunted hike: For those with kids, checkout Nearby Nature’s Haunted Hike. People dressed up as various nighttime creatures line the trail along the hike, which is lit by pumpkins. And of course, kids can count on treats and crafts!

9. Disc golf: Lane County has a lot of disc golf courses, and most are free. Have fun playing this hybrid game while taking in all the colors of fall!

10. Host a seasonal-drink party: Oregon is home to many breweries and a few ciderhouses, and just about every one of them has a seasonal drink or two. As a starting point, try the Rhubarbarian from Two Towns Ciderhouse and Pumpkin Patch Ale from Rogue.

Indoors and out, there are lots of fun things to do this fall! Bundle up and enjoy.