At TG, we have a pretty diverse group of football fans. We of course have our Ducks, and then there’s a Beaver, a Nebraska Husker and a Michigan Wolverine.

But when it comes down to it, we’re in Eugene and Autzen Stadium is an incredible venue and there is nothing that compares to the moment the pre-game video is on the big screen down to the final seconds of the game! I love the excitement and energy that courses through the crowd!

Do I sound like a die-hard Ducks fan? Yup. I go to every home game, and I always make plenty of time for tailgating. As the office tailgating pro, I offer up these tried-and-true tips to you.

Timing is important. If you’re a mega-fan and don’t have kids to look after (or have someone who can bring them along later), leave your house 4-6 hours before kickoff. MLK Blvd. starts backing up early on game day, and you’ll need time to set up your spot and start amping up for the game! If you do have kids, still plan to leave about 3 hours before kickoff (traffic is very backed up by then).

Attire is important. For starters, take a look at your game day ticket to know which color you’re supposed to wear. If you don’t have the required color, just keep in mind that the brighter the better! Duck yourself out from head to toe — stickers and temporary tattoos are a great addition.

Food is important. If you’re meeting with a group of friends, plan a potluck! It’s always better to have too much food than not enough.

Picking a spot is (you guessed it) important. If there’s a group, pick one spot to be home base for meeting up pre-game, at halftime and post-game. You need this organization so that your time can be spent stretching, eating and drinking — doing anything other than searching for your crew!

Most importantly, have fun. Hang out and watch the Ducks kick it!

The Ducks are currently ranked second in the country and have some big games coming up! Whether you’re cheering for the Ducks, Beavers, Huskers or another team, these tailgating tips are ones to remember. Yay for college football, and Go Ducks!