August is the month to get your creative on!Reduced-Anxiety-Watercolor-Social-Club

Eugene, we know, it’s a creative capital of the United States, right? Then, what better way to enjoy summer in the city than by celebrating all the inspiration it has to offer through a month-long homage to personal expression.

Throughout August, the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene is inviting you to dance, paint, weave, write or draw to your heart’s content in nearly 200 workshops being offered by the Create! Eugene event.

Turell Group is a micro-sponsor, as is Eugene A Go-Go, the Oregon Arts Commission and Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

We like that artists of all ages can participate in this event, because you are never too young or too old to get your hands dirty with clay, pelt yourself from head to toe in paint or learn how to belly dance.

For instance, if you have any qualms about jumping into the world of painting, then let the Reduced Anxiety Watercolor Social Club help to calm your nerves. Check the calendar for weekly painting workshops taught by Jill Cardinal that invite you to improvise and find your own creative tempo, while learning the magic of mixing primary and secondary colors.

If blending more tangible and touchable fiber art is more your style, Thimbleberry Felt Designs is offering several workshops in the basics of Nuno Felting for crafting incredibly beautiful and complex textures and weaves, from scarves to wall hangings. Check out the schedule of workshops offered by felting genius Tylar Merrill.

For the kids, Create! Eugene will get them to move, paint, play and draw. See the schedule of workshops being offered for kids, but in addition, for any Create! Eugene Workshops you sign up for in August, you receive a free family guest pass to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum.

If you are feeling particularly creative this summer, and competitive, read about  the plein air workshops and competition that are a highlight of Create! Eugene. Plein air artists specialize in mixed media. Plein air workshops are being offered to get you settled into the art form, culminating in a plein air competition where early-bird registrants earn free art supplies. Artists can earn up to $2,000 in cash and prizes, and appear in a gallery reception later in the month.

We hope to see you at one of these fabulous opportunities to practice art in our community!