Eugene Saturday Market

How do you know when summer has arrived in Eugene? Here are the top 10 ways to tell:

  1. “It’s too rainy” is replaced by “It’s too hot.”
  2. Volkswagens overflowing with tie-die-loving fairgoers converge for the venerable three-day festival in the woods.
  3. The pollen count is higher than humanely tolerable.
  4. Alton Baker Park fills with picnic-toting families who’ve learned that the sweet sound of music from Cuthbert summer concerts are less expensive when enjoyed from a far.
  5. Seeing an Olympian running down the street is an everyday occurrence.
  6. Ice cream and microbrews go hand in hand.
  7. Mountains – and by mountains, we mean MOUNTAINS – of fresh produce can be found at local farmers markets.
  8. The day ends watching the sunset over a winery instead of out your office window at 4 pm.
  9. The giant mud hole west of Eugene transforms into a tranquil, liquid lake that beckons birds and boaters.
  10. You see a man in a blue bikini and a topless woman in a sunhat stroll down Willamette Street hand in hand – this is a true story, folks.