Mt. Everest Base Camp Sign
mt. everest stair climbing challenge tracking form

We track the seven flight climb one hash mark at a time.

We all know that physical activity is important but sometimes it’s hard to fit it into day-to-day life. So at Turell Group we asked, “why not get our hearts pumping with something small? Instead of riding the elevator to our seventh floor office, let’s take the stairs.”

That molehill of an idea grew into a mountain – Mount Everest to be exact! As a team, we’ve set a goal to climb the equivalent of that mighty mountain, all 29,029 feet of it, one stair at a time.

In the first week that we started the challenge, we climbed the stairs 51 times. That’s more than Mt. Pisgah, Spencer Butte and Skinner Butte all stacked on top each other. And, as of this morning, we’re just 10 climbs away from reaching the summit of Mt. Washington.

Interested in joining the fun? Next time you come for a visit, give us a call and we’ll meet you at base camp (ground floor) and take the hike together.