This week, we had a visit from Grace, the charming, curious daughter of a Turell Group friend and client, Nikki Thaut from Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Grace had a school assignment, to explore a career she was interested in and she chose us! (Seriously, if 10-year-olds think you’re cool, you are cool.)

Explaining social media, PR and marketing isn’t always easy and the thought of giving young Grace a glimpse into my job in just a few minutes seemed daunting. Luckily, Cres has a knack for entertaining the kiddos (my seven-year-old agrees, too). He had a camera, a headset and a very cool “wanted” poster template ready to go.

When he finished his graphic design and photo editing software demo, he sent the file to me so Grace and I could post it to the Turell Group Facebook Page. You can check that out here.

She also got a tour of web editing from Kurt.

As Cres, Kurt and I demonstrated, Grace asked questions about our jobs — what did we like, did we have to go to college, and what would we rather do if we could do anything. The 4-1-1 is Cres wants to be an astronaut, by the way.

We look forward to seeing how Grace’s project turns out. In the meantime, you can see our photos of her visit.




  1. Kurt Booker

    My favorite question was her first: “How much money are you paid to do this job?”

    “Oh, well, uhm… uh… what’s your next question?”

  2. Heidi

    It’s refreshing to see that other’s value our children & are taking the time to make the experience fun & educational at the same time. Kudos to you all!!

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