I have been developing websites since 1995 — almost half my life — and I’m very pleased to be doing it on behalf of the Turell Group and its clients.  Sites I have built or managed range from the smallest of personal to the largest of corporate e-commerce.  I have worked on close to a hundred sites here in Eugene/Lane County, and I enjoy the fact that I cannot travel anywhere in the area without passing by a business whose site I have helped build.  I cherish them all.

But I rarely build a website on my own.  I rely on writers, designers and project managers to assemble the pieces I then stitch together with code.  And I am blessed to work with a top-notch team who provide these skills.  While a basic website can be put together in minutes, a site that fully and properly represents your business or service can take a great deal of planning and execution to achieve.  The Turell Group fully understands this process and can always deliver according to your needs.

Our team has worked with quite a few content management systems over the years, including Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and various others.  A constant challenge has been finding a system that not only provides ease of development for all possible features and functionality, but also allows non-technical users to easily update their own site.  Very recently we have finally discovered such a dream system, and we are very eager to begin using it for all new sites we build.

Mobile optimization is always on our mind, as we see web traffic from mobile devices continually on the rise.  Rather than building expensive custom apps, the Turell Group recommends optimizing your website to be mobile friendly.  New responsive design technologies and our own proprietary code allow us to achieve this easily, adding very little extra cost to an existing budget.

Whether you are planning a brand new website, or wanting to update an existing one, we can help.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it!!